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NTID/RIT [05 Sep 2003|10:17pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I am now a student at NITD/RIT! Ha its been a fricken long way to get here and now I can finally say "whoa I made it." I feel smarter just being here in to dorm, all my high school years were never that good but I did work hard when I wanted to play sports or just cuz I felt like making the teacher be more happy with me. I will work my ass off here tho that is no joke. I must do good cuz I know that many people are looking forward to see me get good grades cuz they know that I am capable of working hard, like my parents, my girlfriend, my grandparents, ect.

I miss being in Washington where I go outside and sit on my great chair that I made before I came here. I would just go outside at night when nice and dark to see the stars above my head and think of my girlfriend. I sure love sitting outside and relaxing and just looking at all the beautiful stars.

I want to thank you steph for your help to get me here, I really appecatie it with all your help and presser that you put on me to help me. I also thank my parents for making me, making me the person I am now. I have had some rough times to get here but will all the support it was easy. THANKS AGAIN, I love you steph!

Well I better go now, I will be sure to update my LJ more.

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[06 Apr 2003|08:30pm]
[ mood | excited ]

i have found out that i'm a millionaire

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[06 Apr 2003|08:27pm]
♥ your sweetie~Steph
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Class [06 Mar 2003|07:58pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

A test that I took on wed. I thought I would probley get a B or C for sure but then the next day the teacher Piper comes up to me and says good news I like huh? The yesterday you got 100% on it and I like no way I dont belive you she showed me the paper and I am like did you change my name or something. She simpley Laughed and told me no and to find out that I was the only person with the highest grade for that test felt good I know I am not that smart of a boy but I can prove myself wrong sometime :P I guess I am not that dumb after all..... and welcome me back to lj now lol. sorry for the long time no see stuff I just was not that fired up to type in lj for a while but now I guess I am, well I think thats good for now.

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Best X-mas Break Ever With My Girl [06 Jan 2003|08:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I picked up my girl on dec 28th and whoo it was great to get that sweet hug and kiss from her. she complained that I was smiling a lot but what you expect =). I was still kinda sad that she was leaving on the 5th but at least she was with me for that long, and will soon graduate. We weren't really sure what to do the 1st day but we knew that we would have to be careful with our money cuz we love eachother soo much that we like to buy many things for eachother heheh. Damn what a great week! We gave each other our presents and my baby gave me a lot of good stuff she made me this poster with letters from magazines. very cute, and a shirt was very sweet I love the senior pic that she gave to me in a wooden frame..I have it in my room where I can see it at all times =).

Man I miss my baby already! I was happy when I gave my sweetie a promise ring and it was right before 3 hour drive to squim so that she would be happy and not sad or bored. she also slept on me and I really liked that and I was trying to figure out how to use my new pager and I got the hang of it now =). I didn't really wanna go to squim but I began to think abt it.. my little brother watching and me and steph stay at hotel means we will be alone so fine. we go and it was not that bad cuz we saw our friend there named michele we had a great argument with her abt witch one it worst either weed or drinking...... Still think abt it tho =).

Me and stephanie were driving back from micheles house and whooo scary cuz there were these forest and if you look behind you you could see NOTHING reminded me and steph of blairwitch project. I quickly turned up the sound on the song on the radio cuz I was think hmmm what happened if car die ...wholey shit lol. I had such a great time with you steph. I really enjoyed you being with me, it made me really happy. I really love you soo much hunny! I miss watching movies and going out and getting chiness food hehe muwah.

Happy New Year To All!!

Ps, and let there be no y03k

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[12 Dec 2002|06:59pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Lots going on I was worried abt my grades this week... because I had 3 F's Last week, well 2 Fs cuz one class is hooked together and same grade. well anyways I didnt wanna get any bad grades on a paper for weekly reports and I pulled up 2 Fs to Cs and have just one D soo now I not soo worried but need to keep up the work. where my suport? lol... ummmm turned in all my Nitd papers my sweetie helped me and told me to turn them in I thank my baby 538princess!
hmmmm alot of action going on here at wsd some is just peer messed up but I wont say nothing abt that. I miss the football games I honestly dont like B-ball that much but oh well I not going to say nothing I mean its ok to play but...... oh well. I have been working on a paper for one of my classes and I think I will share it with you my sweetie corrected it for me just yesterday and I thanx her very much for that hunny thanxs I love you!


My name is Scott. I’m an unique boy who is about 5’8” and I go to a school
called Dark Later High School. I am a boy that anyone would consider a nerd but
others likes to call me a computer freak. I wear glasses, I’ve got finger link
hair, and I’ve got a little scar on my lip. I got the scar on my lips when I
was 5 years old. I had a turtle as a pet and he bit me on the lips.

I arrived to school today and my friend, Robert, who was holding his laptop and
was playing “Star Wars II: The Next Generation” asked me, “Have you been beaten
up today?”
Confused I replied, “No, why do you ask?”
Robert stated, “Because your hair is all messed up.”
“Frick. I am such a moron. I forgot to do my hair this morning. I must have been
thinking about the new movie “Geeks and Freaks Rule The World!” too much. I just
can’t wait to watch that movie tonight,” I replied.

Robert is taller than me. Robert is about six foot tall. He’s skinny with no
muscles and has short hair. He also wears big thick glasses just like his dad.
Robert’s name can be shorten to Rob, Robby, or just plan Robert. Robert is a
nerd just like me. We met in first grade at “The Young Shrimps Pre-school.” We
live in small area called Nerdy Lane. There are other people such as us
“nerds”. There is a big mountain that is not too far away from our home. All the
preps and popular kids who live there go to Shamron High School. Every nerd in
town wish that they could go to Shamron High School. The most popular kid in
Shamron High School is a boy named Clay. He is about 6’2” and cute looking prep
with big muscles. He always wears his letterman jacket with pins of every
activity. He has played football, basketball, soccer, baseball, track,
cross-country, wrestling, and even volleyball. Clay is the biggest jock in his
school and always has a big crowd around him. Robert and I wish we were like
him. Clay also has trophies in his room taking up space. He holds many records
in the school. Shamron High School is a 5A school. Dark Later High School is
only a 3A school. Shamron High School and Dark Later High School are rivals.
Dark Later High School has never won any kind of activity against Shamron High
School except for Academic Bowl. Dark Later High School is known for their nerds
and brilliant brains on computers. I am the top kid in my class for my excellent
knowledge on computers. I have accomplished beating every student in Shamron
High with computer games. Robert is second for the brilliant person in Dark
Later High School. Robert is working on his skills to get to my level of
knowledge. Everyone at Dark Later High School wishes that they could be just
like Clay.

“Shamron High School is having a football game at four clock,” replied Robert.
“What is so cool about that, Robert? We know that Clay will be the star player
in the game just like he is all the time,” I replied.
“Well, I thought maybe that we should go watch the game or something to show the
preps that we are cool people after all!” Robert shouted.
“Yeah, I guess we could go watch the game,” I agreed.

Both of us took the bus over to Shamron High School after school. When we
arrived, there was a big rascally guy in a tight shirt showing off his muscles
with the shirt that he was wearing. Ray was his name but his real name is
Raymond. He dislike his name that his parents gave him so people call him Ray.
“Hey Nerds! What are you doing here?” Ray yelled out.
We both stared at him for a while and both started to gaze off in fear and just
stood there brainless. Ray quickly grabbed us both by our shirts and threw us
into the trash.
“You nerds better stay away from Shamron High School. You don’t belong here,
nerds. Go back to Dark Later High School or we will pound ya!” Ray growled.
We decided that we are better off in the trash for now and watch the game from
where we are, because if we are spotted by any other preps we will be sure to
meet the trash can again.
“Shhh! The game is about to began,” Scott whispered.
The ref tossed the coin in the air the coin spinning fast and coming back down.
“Heads,” Clay replies to the ref.
“Heads it is. Would you like to kick or receive?” the ref asked.
“I would like to kick, sir.” Clay replied.
Clay is brown nosed because he talks nicely to the refs so that when he does
something that not permitted the refs will not blame him for the penalty.
“Shamron High School kicks and Lake Parma High School will receive,” yells out
the ref. “Clay and Ray begin to walk back to the side lines to tell the coach
what they are doing.
Clay taps Ray on the shoulder and tells Ray how you like the suck up acting with
an evil grin.”
“Star player for 2 years now from Shamron high, number 12 “CLAY REDMEN!” and
running back all star player for 1 year number 24 “RAY TRAVIS!” as the announcer
speaks out.
“The game begins and Shamron High kicks the ball to the 10-yard line as Clay and
Ray quickly run down the field and facemask the guy and hurt his neck. The ref
misses the face mask made by Clay and blows his whistle to call for his time and
takes the young boy off the field with pain.”
“Whoa what a great tackle made by number 12 Clay Redmen wouldn’t you say?” the
announcer says.
“Clay grins evilly and sinkers as Ray gives him a high five as they set up for
the next play.” “Blue 42 blue 42 set hike” the quarter back from Lake Parma
yells. “The ball is hiked and Ray runs to tackle the quarter back and the
quarter back quickly throws the ball to his other players out on the field. Clay
sees the ball coming to his position, he quickly leaps in the air and intercepts
the ball and runs and makes a 30 yard run touch down.”
“What a play by # 12 Clay Redmen Touchdown SHAMRON HIGH!” the announcer quickly
yells out.
“Scott and Robert are still in the trash not trying to move to much so that they
don’t get pounded on by the preps they suffer all the trash getting thrown all
over them as they can hear other people out side yelling and cheering for the
team on the grandstands behind them.”
I whisper to Robert, “Well, look at the bright side. We get better and closer
seats than the other people.” Robert gives me a sarcastic look and hits my
shoulders and says, “Look at my laptop! It’s all dirty!”
“I am sorry. Just play a game then looks sort of angry because the feeling of
being shoved in the trash by that mean preppy Ray. Well at least we can watch
the game, just be quiet. I am not in the mood to get pounded again,” I argued.
“The game is now over with an awesome win with the score of Shamron High School
50 and Lake Parma 0,” the announcer tells to the cheering crowd.

To Be Continued….

well not the best story but something I made to get good grade lol. Thanx again sweetie

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I am FINALLY with Steph. [26 Nov 2002|09:25pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

it's going to snow up in Flagstaff and we are going to hopefully go on Friday to chop down a Christmas tree. That'll be fun!!

I am superman!

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[17 Nov 2002|08:57pm]
Y'all wanna talk with me? My SN is Batteryboy74.
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the girlfriend (steph) posting for ty! [16 Nov 2002|05:41pm]
tyler can't get on livejournal right now but he wanted me to post this for him...

he passed his driving written test today!! he'll be taking the driving test on Thursday- let's hope he passes! be sure to look out for short people, TY!! you almost ran over haley one time ;)

tyler'll be going shopping on Wednesday for clothes and thurs drivin test and FRI.... COMING TO SEE HIS BABY---MEEEEEEEEE!!!! :D

that's all folks from steph being tyler's interpreter.
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[09 Nov 2002|05:25pm]
[ mood | heartbroken ]

Stephanie just broke up with me.. and I am going there in only 13 more days and this happens....... I am sooo hurt right now I cant bare to stay on the computer any longer. I love her so much and I don't understand it.

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Tired [28 Oct 2002|07:38pm]
Whooo Finally back on Lj and awww I miss my baby! I have been working on Gally papers and I am almost done with everything I feel a lot better that I finish the 3 essay thing tho. that was some work but I know that if I put my mind to it then I could do it. I cant wait till I go to my girlfriends house for thanksgiving it will be a blast I love you soo much stephanie Vik and I miss you!! Well school update BARF SCHOOL SUCKS!!! I have had it for like 2 weeks on each monday and I am telling you that it is boring as hell and the way to get to Barf school is you get a BRF a Behavior Referral Form witch means you get in trouble or something. I got one for not listing to the teacher what ever BS!! lol oh well but damn I miss my sexy baby =( awww I know you are reading this and I LOVE YOU BABY!!! sorry no one else I love :) well I think that enough for me to type but I will keep up on this stuff ;)
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